SDBW - Blueberry Bonanza - Bottle Release
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Your friends at CWA are at it again! Blueberry Bonanza is a 4 pack of deliciousness. Just check out the beers...

Carlsbad Blueberry - For this mixed-fermentation wild ale we started with our golden ale that we aged 12 months in oak barrels to produce tart flavors, fruity notes, and a funky character. We then added fresh blueberries that we sourced locally from The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA and allowed the beer to rest for two months resulting in tannic, earthy, wine like characteristics with a hint of sweet blueberries to round it out creating one of our favorite beers.

Blue on Blue - To create this beer we take a finished Carlsbad Blueberry sour and rest in on top more Blueberries again for the most Jammiest Blueberry beer we make all year. We look forward to making this beer each year, it is one of our favorites. The result is a wine like sour with a hint of sweet blueberries.

Satsuma Blueberry - The sweet Satsuma mandarines shine bright through this golden sour blend with a beautiful tanic character from the blueberries to create a sangria like flavor.

Blueberry Pie - Using the Carlsbad Blueberry as the base we created another one of our pastry sours which is sure to be a treat. The Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon play beautifully together to create a flavor sure to remind you of homemade pie.

November14Saturday8:00 PM
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November15Sunday4:00 AM
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